Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring is coming soon!!!

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. Why? Beautiful colors, shorter silhouettes, and my birthday!!! :) [Had to throw that in there.] Right now I'm going to show you a brand you have probably heard of, a brand you probably have NOT heard of, and a concept you've never seen before. Let's take a look...

Miss Sixty is a brand whose stores are mainly located on the west coast. But not to worry: there are stores located in Dallas and in New York. The clothes have a 60's inspired look: one of innovation, change, and popping colors. You can visit one of the store's locations, shop online at, or look at the Spring 2008 collection I found on New York Magazine's website. The blogs say that the Miss Sixty Fashion Week show was a start studded event, including my favorite little cradle robber Demi Moore.

Here are my favorite picks from the show:

Ok, so now I'll introduce you to the brand that you probably HAVEN'T heard of. It's called 
Brooklyn Industries and it has some interesting designs to offer to the girl who wants to stand out. They have 7 stores in New York and they seem to have a successful online market. 
Click the name to check out their website. 

Remember an earlier post when I said a trench coat was a staple? I was serious, and B.I. has one that's even more serious! It sells for $148 and also comes in a khaki color. Pair this with the red Hayden Panettiere bag I featured two entries ago, and you will be one fierce diva. They also had something that caught my eye, because it's one of my favorite colors:

This little sweater can go over any t-shirt, blouse, or dress just 
in case that breeze of March and April is too chilly. It's 100% cotton and sells for $72.

And now for the concept that you've been waiting for. Fashion has overwhelmed technology, as you probably have observed. Whether it's your Juicy Couture iPod case or the cell phone slot in your Gucci laptop bag, you've got to be up-to-date with technology and looking fabulous while doing so. So lay your eyes on an innovation that left me speechless and excited:

The Coco Chanel cell phone!!! Not sure when it is set to release, but if I had the money to buy it now, I would!!! On the outside when the phone is closed, it just looks like a simple metal square. Its illuminated front gives it a little flair.

When you slide it up, the squares turn into the keypad and the translucent screen gives it detail that no other phone on the market has. Fred DeGarlihe from says, "not only does it mimic Madame Coco Chanel's mysterious aura but [it] also stands for her superb design sense". 

Spring is a time for new beginnings and fabulosity. (Thanks Kimora! lol) Don't overlook brands that you've never worn before, because you just might reinvent yourself. Have a great week!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

That New-New Shiiiii

Ok, ok, ok......this has gotten out of hand!!! Leslie and I are trippin' for not updating with the quickness!!! We're is crazy these days, and I'm sure you could agree!

The purpose of our blog is to inform you of brands that you might not have heard of, or that aren't so commercialized. Therefore, I'm gonna hit you with that new-new _ _ _ _!!!

One of the most important parts of a girl's wardrobe is DENIM. Dark, light, medium...skinny, boot cut, wide leg....capri, bermuda, or regular...we MUST have them!!!! (And also be the fierce creatures that we are). There is a brand out there called Cheap Monday, which is featured at Barney's, and they are really innovative. (Click the name for more information.) Basically, their main goal is to sell their denim in high-end places but to still offer low prices in order to com
pete with the Seven's, the True's, and the Citizens' of the retail industry. Over the summer, I tried on a pair at Barney's, and they were SOOO comfortable. (I didn't get them because it would have been an impulse buy...yikes!) But anyway, if you like super-skinny jeans, this is the brand for you. They would look awesome with heels (like on the picture), or with sneakers. We all know 80's is back in style, that's why we've shown you the acid wash at the top. Also, if you want to be different and have something that no one else is daring enough to wear, choose the bottom
pair. I've never seen any jeans like that: fun, creative, and avant garde! Don't forget to check out their website!!!

This brand is called Milkshake Kicks, and I literally heard about them today. They make shoes specifically for the woman's foot and in colorways that we can appreciate.
There's not that
much information out there about this new brand, but you can check out their blog at
They are also on Facebook--->CLiCK HeRE
I'll update you with more information as I get it. But look at all the pretty colors!!! :)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Black History Month and is educated themselves. It's not just about Black people...everyone should know about our history in this country!!! Have a fabulous week!