Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Ya know, sometimes you just have to take a little break. And that's what me and Leslie have been doing. Don't worry, we're back ON IT for the summer! I know I can speak to all students when I say that the last month of school went by soooo slowly! We were all scrambling trying to get the grades we wanted, and I think everything paid off. (Well it did for me at least.)

This summer, it's all about COLOR. It's about sporting that fly sh*t that no one else will think to put together. It's about getting out of your comfort zone and looking your best at ALL times. Here are a couple of items I pulled that will be HOTTTT for your summer shindigs, trips to the mall, or just hanging out with old friends.

Hellz Bellz new Spring/Summer 08

I love the v-neck in the middle. I think sometimes we get limited in the kinds of tee's we wear. And the v-neck just adds a little bit of a different look. I LOVE Hellz Bellz and will continue to rock it forever! And the quality of their t-shirts are SUPREME! (Just remember to wash them in cold water to preserve the color.)

Neeext....Obey has some cutesy tee's to pair with your denim shorts!

I'm not really into screen tees with just the designer's name/logo on it, but the first one is cute!
 The second one reminds me of the 90's for some reason. And shout out to MY posse...holdin' it down in STL! :) 
That's Les in the middle.

Moving on to things that give me the chills: SNEAKERS. Remember the Ferris Bueller's we showed you a while back??? Well they've dropped and they are REALLY hard to find! I would tell you where my are from, but my boyfraaand bought them for me and he won't tell! Maybe Leslie will let you in on the secret...
Anyway, they're really super-duper dope, and probably my favorite sneaker so far! And they can go with anything. I love them sooo much!!! Here's some pics of Leslie and Brad sporting theirs and my little niece trying to wear mine:

Now that's what you call DuMb FlY.

Ok now for something a little more attainable.

I saw these Puma's online and in a store (Centre at Mockingbird Station for those in Dallas, so they shouldn't be that hard to find. I love the retro look and the pump...very fun!

Then the next is a Puma also.

Can't you just see yourself wearing these....maybe with that v-neck Hellz Bellz, a plain white tee, or whatever you wanna rock with it??? Yes? Gon' get ya some!!!

Oh before I forget, I wanted to feature on of my new favorite brands. I have yet to get any of their products, but their colorways are so hot and they have that bad-ass flair about them. The brand is none other than Married to the Mob, available on KarmaLoop and a lot of other websites. So here are three tee's that made me chuckle:

1. For those of you who aren't tied down because you're sick of the raggedy dudes.
2. For those of you who look at others like they're stupid, asking, "Do I look like I give a..."
3. For those of us who are too worried about gas prices to waste time on stupid batches. Get your money up everyone! Decrease the hate!

Hope you guys don't hate us too much for being so slow. But we all have busy lives, so you know the deal! Stay tuned for more exciting things for the summer!!!