Monday, July 7, 2008

Only a month left...

There's only about a month left until most of us are back to the school grind. You know what that means: get your fall wardrobe in check, get some new shoes, and find the right bag in which to carry your books and papers!

Personally, bags are my weakness. I could live without buying any new clothes if I could just buy a new bag every day. Since most of us carry out computers to class, these bags should be large enough to fit them, as well as a book or two.; Made of straw and comes in about 6 or 7 other striped/plaid variations.

Fossil; found at What a winsome way to go green!

Marc by Marc Jacobs; found at I have the black one! It seriously could hold a small child. It's huge! The inside print is really fun, and it will definitely carry everything that you need for class! It also works as a mom approves, so you know it's a good buy!

Juicy Couture; found at This soft puffy polyester backpack is kinda fly! I normally don't like Juicy, but this has a chic look to it that says, "Yeah, I'm educated and fabulous!"

And if you're really feeling good about yourself, here are totes from my three favorite handbag designers:

Coach; found at; This is the Bleecker tote from the best American leather goods company, Coach. Coach bags always last a long time and their classic pieces are timeless. And this tote is large enough to fit all your vital school supplies.

Gucci; found at My personal favorite! My tote doesn't look like this; mine is actually a diaper bag. But if you've ever seen me carry mine around, you'll know that it goes with everything. It's so easy to just toss in everything you need and go!

Louis Vuitton; found at The Neverfull is going to be my next school bag. It's big enough for books and small enough to carry as a purse for the weekend. And again, it will complement any outfit!

Hopefully you all are getting your heads right for school, as well as your wardrobes. Have a great week and enjoy summer, while it lasts!