Monday, March 10, 2008

How to Stay Fresh from Head to Toe

Greetings everyone! I thought it was appropriate to make a whole post about men's style because we cover so few men's items. Today I'm going to show you the newest, hottest items that will for sure have you boys turning heads. And it's not just about a hot shirt or some cool shoes. It's about the whole ensemble'. If you're well put-together, the ladies will love you! :)

First, the fitted hat. You can never go wrong with the plain navy Yankees or the black and yellow Pirates, but there is so much variety when it comes to fitted's. 
I believe in branching out, and there's nothing wrong with a little splash of color done the right way or wearing something totally out of the realm of baseball teams. DC Comics and New Era 59Fifty have collaborated to bring us something SPECIAL coming out on March 15th. I think the colors are spectacular for summer, don't you?!

Next, we have Hall of Fame and Crooks & Castles teaming up to make this little turquoise number. I can just see my boyfriend wearing it now...haha

Oh and boys, please don't use a hat as an excuse not to get a haircut. If you're a little rough around the edges, go ahead and spend that $7-$12 on a fresh cut!

Ok so after you get your hat game proper, hit up your local streetwear boutiques for these finds. PegLeg NYC just released their look-book for their Spring 2008 collection. Here are a few fine gentlemen modeling the threads: 

Check out their website for more product and their prices!!!
And now for the grand finale'. For as long as I have been admiring sneakers, I have never wanted any as bad as these. Nike has really outdone itself.
 Inspired by the cover of Ferris
 Bueller's Day Off, these dunks are edgy, unique, and can be easily worn by both men and women, if you can find the right size! Set to drop this summer, these are sure to be a hot commodity! I present you: the Ferris Bueller Dunks!!!!!!!!!!!

These are so crazy!! The leopard print tongue...the shoe laces...the whole package!!! Don't sleep on these, boys. Mark my words!

Be sure to keep it fresh as often as possible and as much as your wallet allows. You should always treat yourself, no matter what the occasion!!! 

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Black History Is All Year Around!!!

First I want to say I am so so SORRY for being WACK and not posting for a while. This semester is killing me! I have been so busy! I know Black History Month was this past February, but that is Ridiculous. Black Hisory is all year around!!! So in continuance of the so-called "Black History Month", I have decided to feature African American Designers!!! So get excited and read on! P.S. dont hate me for leaving you all high and dry! :( Oh, and go BARACK OBAMA!!!

My first featured designer is Michael Knight!!! I know ya'll have seen him before, he was on season 3 of Project Runway and featured on BET's Rip The Runway. He was by far my FAVORITE and, in my opinion, definitely should have WON!!! I liked Michael so much because his designs were FLY and SEXY! He doesn't "look" like the average fashion designer, but that is what makes him so intriguing! We need something new in this fashion industry, something to spice up things! It's time for a change and Michael Knight is IT!!! I have no doubt in my mind that he could be the next TOP designer among young Hollywood!

Michael Knight was born in Germany but raised in Atlanta. He graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor's Degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising. Michael became a small hit in Atlanta while designing for Jagged Edge, 112, Ciara, Free, and the Infamous Queen Latifah! Not feeling that his career was at the level he wanted, he auditioned for Project Runway. He was turned down the first time, but picked himself up and tried again for the next season. He landed a spot on Season 3 of Project Runway and has been on the move ever since!

Here are some of the looks from Michael's 2007 Spring Collection. The pieces are reminiscent of a Fierce Safari! Very Sexy and Suductive. I was unable to pull up pics from his new collections but check them out at They are just as HOT !!!

Okay, I do not know how I have not heard of this lady before! I did a little research and checked out her "stuff", and she is Super Talented. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you, Tracy Reese! She is Creative, Innovative, and her clothes just blew me AWAY!!!

Tracy recieved a degree from Parson's School of Design in 1984. If you didn't know, Parson's is Top Notch! After graduation she joined a contemporary sportswear firm in Paris and then moved to Perry Ellis, as a design director. Her designs are her Ultra-Femine and Vintage-Inspired, and have been worn by My Girl B!-Beyonce Knowles!

Tracy has three collections: Tracy Reese, Plenty by Tracy Reese, and Plenty Frock. Tracy Reese, includes linear tailoring and subtle sensuality with North African inspired pieces, where feminity is exuded through mixes of the 1930s and 1970s. Plenty has a mixture of Vietnamese, retro-American, Rajistani, and English styles in this spring's collection. Plenty Frock combines the regalty of Uptown with the edginess of Dowtown, and is a less-expensive line.

It was soooo HARD choosing the looks to feature in this post because all of the designs were so AMAZING! These clothes are EXACTLY what I see myself wearing five years from now, strolling down the streets of New York. Not only are African Americans making strides in Politics, we are jumping leaps and bounds in Fashion! We are not just responsible for Urban Wear, we design Modern and Contemporary Wear also. Tracy Reese is just one of the many Equsite, Black Fashion Designers!